When is a photo due?

Once a property is submitted to the MLS, you have 72 hours to submit a photo of the outside of the home. This photo must be loaded in #1 position in flex. (does not include weekend or non-working holiday). If a photo is not received within 72 hours the Broker will be billed $25.00 per day until primary photos is uploaded. Once the required photo is loaded you may load as many photos as you wish.

Which listings require a photo?

Single Family, Duplex, Multi-family, and Condo are all required to have a photo, even if they’re Sold Before Print, 1-party listings, or In-House listings. The only exceptions are FSBOs, Vacant Land, Commercial, and Business listings, although photos are welcomed.

New Construction

If the property is New Construction, meaning there isn’t a structure yet (defined as siding, windows, and roof), it is very important that you send an email notifying the MLS coordinator ([email protected]). If no notice, and no photo submitted within 10 days, the Broker will be billed $12.00 per listing on the 25th of each month until that photo is submitted or correspondence is received explaining that the listing has no structure. If the listing is determined as New Construction, the MLS Coordinator will call once a month to check the status. Once there is a structure, you are required to submit a photo within 10 days.