For new REALTOR® Members whose Broker is a Member of MLS:

  1. Make an appointment at the Association Office for an eKEY training, which takes about 30 minutes. Please allow 1-2 business days notice.
  2.  Attend the training and bring a credit card to be entered for monthly billing.

For new Affiliates who qualify for an eKEY:

  1. Home Inspectors & Pest Inspectors are able to obtain an eKEY. If you have questions about whether or not you can obtain a eKEY, call or email the Association Office for more information.
  2. The process is the same as above.

Lockbox Purchase Information:

*Call first to determine how many boxes we currently have in stock. There is a shipping delay from Supra, so if you want more than 2 boxes at one time, please call as far in advance as possible

Current price for a lockbox is $100.00 each plus WI state sales tax = $105.50.

Lost or Stolen Phone:

If you phone is lost or stolen, you MUST report it immediately to the Association Office. A new phone requires a new authorization code from LARA Office.